State of the Art Orthotics

We have all heard the song, “The foot bone is connected to the ankle bone and the ankle bone is connected to the leg bone”, etc. Well, your anatomic internal structural relationship, such as the one in this song, is most important in sports and/or functional performance. Orthotics have been proven to positively affect your walking, standing functional and even sports performance. Also, custom-made orthotics can dramatically assist in healing and preventing re-currence of many foot and ankle problems.

An orthotic is a device that is made from a computer evaluation and structural examination. You literally stand, walk and even run on the computer platform. It then provides extremely detailed information regarding your biomechanics which is displayed and reviewed with you. After a brief testing period involving biomechanical strapping, an orthotic may be made for you if it is believed that you will show a favorable response to the device. A correctly fitted custom orthotic will literally bring the ground up to your foot and positively affect your total body alignment. The effects can be quite dramatic, with pain relief and injury prevention.

Orthotics have been found helpful for conditions such as heel pain, arch pain, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, bunion deformity and pain, contracted digits, too much or too little turn-out, over-use injuries and orthopedic problems. One must not confuse these devices with over-the-counter products. An orthotic must be individually made for your particular functional needs. There are many types of orthotics of various thicknesses and of different supportive and shock-absorbing materials that can be made for most type of shoes and for individual sports. Once again, Dr. Elliot Diamond will not only examine your feet by using our state of the art computerized gait system, but he will also test you for an orthotic by simulating an orthotic correction through biomechanical strapping.

Please review the articles below for more information on the unique orthotics we utilize and lasting benefits of our orthotic program.

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