Below are patient testimonials from those who have come to Dr. Diamond seeking help for their condition and found relief in the healing treatments and podiatry services he provides. We are very fortunate to treat a diverse community and thankful that the community has accepted our unique practice with open arms. To respect their privacy, we have withheld the names of our patients.

“Dr Diamond….I just wanted to thank you personally for the time and interest you have taken during my first two visits to your office.
After bouncing around to other podiatrists, a chinese acupuncturist, a reflexologist, and a sports rehab therapist, I was very frustrated that my heel was not getting any better and actually it was feeling worse.
I can tell you genuinely care about your patients getting better and will do anything and everything necessary to help them (me) feel comfortable whether I have 2 hours or 30 minutes to spend with you.
As a successful entrepreneur, I just want to know someone is trying everything possible (like I do) to resolve a problem. My mobility is so important to my mental well being. When I have heel pain, I can not do my usual 4 mile walk in the morning and that affects my emotional well being and my weight. After you taped my foot today, I feel I could run a marathon!
I will continue my treatments with you until you tell me your are out of options. When you have options, you have hope!
One last thing, and that is that you went above and beyond to talk with my 84 year old father on the phone. Whether he will agree to come into the city or not (and I would pick him up and drive him home) you gave him information that he was either too scared or to proud to ask his own doctor. I hate to see my parents suffer.
Again, thank you for helping so many people, and I feel better just knowing that you care.”

“It is good to be with a doctor who knows dancers. Meeting Dr. Diamond has been a Godsend. This is my second time in Philadelphia with Disney’s The Lion King, and Dr. Diamond has once again kept me dancing and on the stage. ”




Lion King Dancer

“Thanks to your good care and my Dr. Elliot Diamond Maximizing Function orthotics, I was able to climb the Great Wall of China recently without a whimper. See photo! During my trip to Beijing I spent hours on my feet, walking and climbing through one historical site after another – something that would have been unthinkable six months ago. I thought with gratitude a number of times of my good fortune in having been referred to you and your providing the orthotics that have made me able to walk again without difficulties. Thank you!”

“I have had foot pain all my life and after driving my friend to Doctor Diamond’s office, then hearing my friend rave about it, I decided to go. The experience was great, the staff was friendly, and the doctor was very knowledgeable. I scheduled another appointment and look forward to it.”

“Normally when I get home on Friday I have to lay down to rest my spine. Today, I didn’t have to. I feel so awesome. Thanks forever.”

“I am a runner, thus I’m a creature of habit. I’ve had aches and pains, but always ran through them. This time I could not. I went to see a chiropractor, had an MRI, even stopped running for multiple weeks, but still had pain in my lower leg/calf. I never considered orthotics. I was afraid that changing my gait would negatively affect my running–creature of habit.
My experiences with Dr. Diamond helped me deal with both my fears and pain. He took the time over multiple appointments to methodically identify the problem and allow me to adjust to my new orthotics. I went from not being able to run without pain to running 2 half marathons and 1 marathon over the last 10 months. I’m still a creature of habit, now I never run without my orthotics!”

“I was a basketball player during high school and my knee was injured at that time. My left knee was always sore and painful right before rain and climate change. I did spend a lot of money on other doctors to solve this problem; however it was costly and useless. However, after my friend took me to Dr. Diamond’s office couple times, his acupuncture treatment was really amazing. Now I am feeling better and all the pain and soreness is gone. Thanks Dr. Diamond, you just saved my life.”

“By seeing Dr. Diamond, you can learn about your feet, legs, gait and posture from an expert in the field. He and his staff’s compassion are exemplary. I always leave his office feeling better physically. His strategies are long-term that address the root cause(s). I would recommend to anyone.”

“After getting a treatment and a pair of orthotics from Dr. Diamond, I was able to complete the Philly Distance Run (half-marathon) pain-free just a few days later. The race was the first time I ran in the orthotics because I was still resting and icing my injuries. I was nervous even though the pain disappeared the day I started wearing the orthotics for walking. It turned out I had nothing to worry about – I had great running mechanics for running all 13 miles and no pain at all from the tendonitis I’d been dealing with for a year. Thank you! I feel great! It may be too late for my marathon to make up the time lost, but I know I will continue to run safely and pain-free.”

“I just got back from a beach vacation where I was able to walk barefoot for a couple of miles. This may not seem like much to most people, but for me it was a dream come true.

Last May, I re-injured 2 foot tendons, both of which had been surgically repaired years previously. I was in severe pain and hardly able to walk at all, eliminating all of my usual sport activities, like playing tennis. I consulted with several podiatric surgeons who offered little hope, more major surgery, and dire prognoses. They put me in a variety of cumbersome casts and boots (adversely affecting my back, to make matters worse), or were dismissive, seemingly preferring not to deal with my situation.

Although I had little hope, I began seeing Dr. Diamond upon the urging of a friend. His open and caring style, the friendly office environment, and the non-invasive diverse treatments were all new to me. While the time commitment was difficult, I kept me going back because I felt somewhat hopeful for the first time since the accident.

Dr. Elliot and his staff are committed, caring, problem solvers, who treat patients with respect and dignity. And, if I am representative, they get results.”

“I experienced one of the most comprehensive, attentive, and compassionate medical care in Dr. Elliot’s office. Dr. Elliot and his staff deserve my utmost respect for that. I felt very comfortable to be treated by the technique combined by ancient and modern medical wisdoms. I feel much better now. Thanks! Dr. Elliot.”

“In 1989 I suffered a nerve injury that took place during an operation. I was left with a disability called drop foot. After a year of hobbling around, unable to walk without an ugly annoying leg brace.. I had been to see a few specialists who did diagnostic tests and found that I had 70% nerve damage and 25% muscle damage. The prognosis for my future was not bright.
A friend mentioned Dr. Diamond and said I should see him. I did and am still astounded to this day at the results achieved. I was in Dr. Diamond’s office 3 times a week for 4 hours each visit… the rehab lasted about 2 years. He completely educated me on the details of how the body works and what I must do to gain stability in movement. Now 19 years later I am functioning well and very happy. Dr. Diamond literally saved my life.”

“A visit to Dr. Diamond’s office is like no other Dr.’s office you’ve ever been to. After being greeted by the friendly and attentive staff, and filling out the requisite forms, I was able to begin the healing process in the open, welcoming space of this office.

I went to Dr. Diamond’s after I had ‘tweaked’ my left foot/ankle running — the pain was so bad that I couldn’t go up or down stairs!

Once I got into the office, the first step was to be “walked,” which means testing my gait by walking across a digitized pressure plate that allows both you and Dr. Diamond to see how you walk, where the pressure hits in your foot, and what needs to be done. Dr. Diamond personally reviews the results with you so you know up front what you’re getting and why in terms of treatment.

Each time you go for treatment, you are treated with several “modalities” which range from compression boots (which are almost like an air massage) to ultrasound massage, acupuncture, and even Pilates. In addition, all of the healing is done in the common space, allowing the unique opportunity to share the healing process with other patients. One of my favorite parts is visiting with the other patients when I go for treatment!

After my first visit I could tell that I was feeling better, and it didn’t take long to be back at 100%! In addition, the custom-made orthotics I received are like being able to take the treatment with me. You can even refurbish the orthotics without having to buy new ones!
Both me and my feet are glad that I found Dr. Diamond, his office, and his incredible healing talent. If you have foot issues, you won’t be disappointed with a visit to this office!”

“I was complaining to a friend that I had felt pain in my Achilles tendon during my game of tennis, he immediately recommended Dr. Diamond. I never even thought of going to a podiatrist (I thought they were strictly for ingrown toe nails), thank goodness I went to him! The treatment was like rehab, a few different treatments all in the same visit- very effective. After a few weeks I was feeling better enough to get back to tennis. The office visits were an hour and a half two times a week, that is quite a commitment- but the staff and community of the office make it kind of fun. Its definitely not your typical doctor’s office, but it works extremely well. Now I know I can get my foot, ankle, calf, or Achilles tendon feeling better AND get a recommendation of a great restaurant from Dr. Diamond! PS, I am back to my usual schedule of tennis just in time for spring!!! Thank you Dr. Diamond!”

“Dr. Diamond has helped me and my feet! And I had gotten to the point where I thought we could not be helped. Other doctors were telling me that I would “just have to deal with my pain.” If I hadn’t found Dr. Diamond, I would just be dealing…but now I’m finally not in pain and feeling better with every visit!!”

“I was worried about an evolving bunion, didn’t want surgery. I also had a weird thing going on with my knee. After my husband’s bad experience with an acclaimed hospital podiatry practice, I was thrilled to find Dr. Diamond. He combines traditional medical training with the best of the acupuncture/Eastern world views, plus his own innovative ideas. I am walking without any pain and know how to prevent future problems. A lovely, serene treatment atmosphere, a doctor who takes time to speak with patients, understand and explain clearly, and a lovely, well-trained staff that takes our insurance to boot (pardon the pun!) Wondrous.”

“Dr. Elliot Diamond is an asset to the dance community in Philadelphia. He is an excellent problem-solver and is able to paint a clear picture of what is going on functionally with his patients. He is unique in that he is able to blend Eastern and Western schools of thought. He is knowledgeable about many aspects of holistic care and is a wonderful physician for anyone who wants to keep moving!”



“Not only does Dr. Diamond work to provide healing for the Philadelphia community- making an effort to reach out to his neighbors and fellow Philadelphians… but he also provides an atmosphere of community healing. Step into his office: there is an immediate sense of wellbeing and warmth – from his expertise and extensive knowledge to his friendly and caring staff. The most effective treatment in the most comfortable surroundings… can’t beat it! A wonderful healing experience!!”

“I have been struggling to get back to my normal life after a severe ankle sprain back in June. I have been seeing an orthopedic foot and ankle surgeon, doing physical therapy with Novacare 2x week since mid July and have seen minimal improvement with my pain and level of functioning. After being told, “we don’t know what else to do for you” I had enough! In desperation I found Dr. Diamond. It was a relief to hear someone say to me, “you are not imagining this pain, I see this a lot.”

I have had therapy for a total of 3 visits and have already seen an improvement in my pain management. (Without being put on powerful pain-killers.) I also appreciate how kind everyone has been at the office. If you are struggling with an injury to your feet or ankles this is the place to go! I hope to be back to work and running pain-free again soon!”

(Below, a patient updates us on her results the day after her first treatment:)

“I’d say the left ankle had 50% less swelling. The right is being a little more stubborn; about 1/3 less swelling. In both, I experienced half the pain as before. I used to be almost in tears whereas last night I would categorize my feeling as discomfort rather than absolute, horrible pain. … It’s definitely a promising start. Also, I really felt my thighs working from doing those stretches before hand that the ballerina in your office showed me.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Knowing you’ll get pleasing results can be the most reassuring feeling when you start seeing a physician and there’s no better source than real patient testimonials. Whether you’re interested in receiving custom orthotics, a specific pain management treatment, or other podiatry services, Dr. Diamond’s Center for Enhanced Podiatric Function and Pain Management can help.